Udō (有働) is a student from Class 2-E of Nanba High School, and the captain of the archery club. He has an ability called Thoughtography and uses it to sell indecent photos of girls in their lingerie to aid his ill parents. He was caught by Nao Tomori and gave up selling pictures with his ability.

Appearance Edit

He is a normal male student with brown hair and brown eyes. He has only been seen wearing his Archery Club uniform.

Personality Edit

Udō is seen as caring, as noted by his actions to help his parents. However, he seems to act out of desperation, hence the choice to sell the photos.

Ability Edit

Main article: Thoughtography

Udō's ability is thoughtography, the ability to take photos of people with their mind. Udō uses his ability to take indecent photos of girls in lingerie and selling the photos.

Trivia Edit

  • He greatly resembles Shirō Emiya from TYPE-MOON's Fate/stay night. They both have brown hair and brown eyes, they both excels in archery and they both have the ability to make things out of thin air. In Udō's case, print photos from his mind, while in Shirō's case, it's "projecting" weapons.

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