Singer Days is an insert song for the third episode of the anime Charlotte. It is preformed by Yusa Nishimori's singing voice actor, Maaya Uchida.



English TranslationEdit

Kidzuitara mou arashi no
Naka ni tatazunde itte
Hitorikiri de samishikute
Koe mo dasenai
Akari mo mizukedasenai de
Namida koboreru nda
Mou kaerenaku natte shimatta
Before I knew it,
I'm standing inside a raging storm
Lonely, all by myself
I can't even speak out
I'm unable to find the light,
Tears spill out of my eyes
I can no longer go back
Kimi to onaji yume wo
Oikaketeitakatta dake
Tatta sore dake no koto de
Nanoni doushite?
Takai kabe ni hitoribun no ana ga aita you ni
Atashi dake ga yume wo kanaechatta
I just wanted to chase
The same dream as you did
That's all I ever wanted
Why does it have to be this way?...
As if a hole for one had opened on a high wall
My dream had came true, just for me

Kimi to mata au, sono teki nante ieba ii ndarou
Kimi wo mada suki datte koto sore dake
Kako e to modori, kimi to mata yarinaoshite mitai
Kondo wa zettai, Kimi wo hitori niwa shinai

Until I see you again, would it be alright to say this?
I still love you, it's true, that's all there is to it
I want to go back, and redo everything with you
And this time, I'll never leave your side

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