Konishi (小西) is a student in class 1-C.


Konishi has purple straight hair and wears a white headband. She also wears the standard school uniform of Hoshinoumi Academy's Middle School.


Konishi is a silent girl who secretly has a crush on Oikawa, but since he is in love with Ayumi Otosaka, she despises her and tries to kill her.


She has a crush on Oikawa, but ever since Ayumi transferred to their school, Oikawa seems to have forgotten about her. Later, she attempts to kill Ayumi with a box cutter, but fails after Ayumi awakens her "collapse" ability and destroys the school building, after the first death of Ayumi, uses the "time-leap" ability to revert the incident, Yū appears to bluff Konishi and makes her run away in fear.


  • She is the first yandere character in the KEY series.
  • Because of her role that caused Ayumi's death and Yuu's depression, this leads Konishi to become the most hated character in this series by the fans.


Konishi yandere

Konishi in "Yandere mode", attemping to kill Ayumi.

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