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Iori Sekiguchi is a Middle School student with the special ability, Mind Reading.

Her power transmits the thoughts of those around her.

Personality Edit

Despite being said to have an incurable disease that will cause her the inability to move, Iori is very energetic. She is a usually cheerful and kind girl. When her best friend Honoka starts to avoid and neglect her, she assumes it is because she did something wrong and wishes to be able to read her mind so she can find out what it is and apologize, this wishing triggers her special ability, Mind Reading. Her special ability causes those around her to fight after hearing eachothers inner thoughts, because of this she is very self conscious and anxious around others.

Plot Edit


Sekiguchi iori by squallec-d9xjpg9
Iori has shoulder length Blonde Hair with two Dark Red ribbons tied at the ends, and Blue eyes. She is seen wearing Blue shorts over Black thigh-high stockings, an Apricot colored Hoodie over a white smock, and occasionally, a pink ski hat.Also a small emerald and yellow-green backpack.

Quotes Edit

  • "It's my fault that everybody is fighting! There's no place I belong!" (In response to Nao and Jōjirō arguing over eachothers inner thoughts.)
  • "He may be handsome, but he's a scaredy-cat deep down" (After comments on how disgraceful he was at the amusement park.)
  • "Meaning, the two of you are a couple?!" (After Nao says that her and Yū are close and get along well.)
    Tumblr o4x8k82yuH1rxe51eo1 540

    Nao and Iori at the amusement park.


    "He may be handsome, but Yū is a scaredy cat deep down!"

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