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The Sound You Heard Sometime (いつか聴いた音, Itsuka Kiita Oto) is the fifth episode of Charlotte, first broadcast on August 1, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Yu and the team go camping in the mountains, trying to track down a person with the power of flight.

Summary Edit

The four student council members plan to confront a user with the ability to fly. Nao decides that the student council will camp in the mountains where the user has been training to control his ability. During the first two nights, Yusa tells the other members about her relationship with Misa, while Yū interacts with Nao and Jōjirō.

The day after, the ability user confronts the council members and tries threatening them into leaving, but Nao dismisses his threat as a bluff. The ability user then steals Nao's camcorder from her and attempts to escape using his power. However, Yū manages to take over his body while he is flying and then uses the user's flying ability to break his fall, thus preventing him from escaping. Nao then convinces the user to stop using his ability. Finally, Yū heads home to eat dinner and notices that Ayumi has fallen ill.

Characters Edit

By order of appearance:

Locations Edit

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Abilities Used Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Alternate Title: Sound Heard Sometime In the Past [1]
  • This is the first episode to use censors.

Cultural References Edit

  • The nickname of the character with the ability to fly, "Skyhigh Saito", likely comes from a recurring name in Jun Maeda's works, examples are Bush Saito from Kanon, Jet Saito from Clannad, and Masked Saito from Little Busters.

Unanswered Questions Edit

Preview Edit

Charlotte - Episode 5 Preview00:21

Charlotte - Episode 5 Preview

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