Charlotte the 4-koma: Seishun wo Kakenukero (Charlotte The 4, コマ せーしゅんを駆け抜けろ!), is a 4-Koma manga series based on the Charlotte anime series. The writer of the series is Jun Maeda, and the illustrator is Haruka Komowata. The series began serialization as part of Dengeki G's Comic Vol. 12, which was released on March 30, 2015.


List of ChaptersEdit

1 ' (能力者たち, Nōryoku sha haku)
2 The Changes of Nao Tomori (友利奈緒七変化, Tomori Nao nana henka)
3 The Fervor of Jōjirō Takajō (高城丈士朗の情熱, Takashiro Jō Shirō no jōnetsu)
4 Transfer Student Yusa-rin (転校生ゆさりん, Tensō sei Yusa-rin)
5 The Emotion of Yuu's little sister (有宇お兄ちゃん激闘録, Ariu o nīchan gekitō-roku)
6 ' (ヤンキー 烈風伝 • 美砂, Yankī retsupūden • Misa)

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